Gleddoch House hotel wedding photography, Langbank, Glasgow - Erin & Kevin

With weather that ranged from hail to torrential rain the week before, Erin and Kevin picked the perfect day of the week to get married, with the Sun splitting the skies down Gleddoch House - it does happen occasionally in Scotland! ;-)

After bridal preparations in the parental home in a lovely traditional Glasgow tenement flat (and the associated cool little quirky nooks and crannies for us to use as backdrops!), the ceremony was conducted at St Leo's the Great church in Dumbreck, then we made our way over to Gleddoch House, tucked away in the leafy, rural hillside of Langbank. With picturesque views across the river Clyde. And golf buggies. And it's own mini forest. And the sunshine. Mix that all in with some good company, emotional speeches and one of the best father-daughter dances I've ever seen...and you have a good day :-)

Wedding photographer in the Italian Lakes, Lake Garda

So, my 2 year old and her two handlers went to see the glorious landscape and warm mediterranean light of the Italian Lakes ;-) 

Of course, being a wedding photographer, the lure of the camera is hard to resist! Aside from the romantic vibe and beautiful locations, there's just something special about the quality of the Mediterranean light; it just behaves differently to the Scottish variety. Although the two places both have equally beautiful sunsets, the evening light in Italy produces soft shadows and balanced contrast that is a dream to photograph. I'm sure there's a perfectly good scientific explanation involving equators and atmospheric refractions and conditions...but I'm no physicist ;-D

We took in mountains, windy roads, beautiful cities - even a couple of Lake Garda wedding venues. We even chanced across an local wedding in progress...the phrase "bus driver's holiday" springs to mind ;-) 

Suffice to say that the next time I visit this beautiful location, I do hope it's to photograph one of your weddings, so that I can bring my own brand of earthy, romantic, spectacular and fun photography and make some truly beautiful wedding photographs. 

*Side note - anyone who follows my work will know that any of these photographs that look like they are 'special effects'....are all done in-camera - no photoshop involved other than basic colour tweaks. Mainly double and triple exposures if you're interested in that kind of thing! ;-)

Alternative wedding photography - Gourock and Greenock Town Hall wedding - Linda & Steven

The west coast of Scotland has some stunning views. Sunsets. Greenery. And parks without toilets ;-) On one of the hottest days of the year so far (maybe even into the TWENTIES!) Linda & Steven took their brass band-infused wedding to Greenock Town Hall, by way of Skelmorlie and Gourock. And it was a very, very nice day :-)