About me & my approach

I am a wedding photographer based in Glasgow, covering the whole of Scotland and the UK.

I’m not very exciting to look at so here’s a pic of my wee nipper and her grandad. Yes, she is as cheeky as she looks. She's also where all my hard-earned pennies go.

Well. I've been in the wedding photography business for nearly 10 years, and I've come across a few things in my time. Dance floors on fire, late brides, semi naked mothers-of-the-bride, flying ring-bearers, a Basil Fawlty-a-like hijacking the speeches with a shotgun. The list goes on. The point being that your wedding is totally unique, and anything can (and maybe will!) happen and you just have to be ready to roll with it and keep on enjoying your day! And therein lies the beauty - it's YOUR day - along with all the cool little moments and details that make it so.

Well, what do you want from your wedding day? Have a think about it - because that's what we want to achieve. What I can fairly certainly say that you don't want, is to be ordered about, strictly posed, and stood rigidly in front of the camera for hours on end whilst we take hundreds of family and group shots, and your day slowly slips away.

For me, creating beautiful photographs means that I have to retain as much of the 'party' atmosphere of the day as possible, which means keeping everyone happy! I'm looking for pictures which are full of life, full of emotion, conveying a real sense of how your day unfolded and as stylish as hell! I take a relaxed & light-hearted approach to any ‘staged’ shots that are taking place, such as the group photographs or the couple photographs to make it as engaging as possible. When I can get the crowd laughing with (or at!) me it results in much more relaxed & natural looking pictures.

The majority of my work on a wedding day will involve taking background detail shots and what I like to think of as ‘stealing’ moments that are happening during the day, more often than not without the subjects knowing that I’m even there. Once again, this results in much more natural expressions. Very few of my clients feel like ‘naturals’ in front of the camera and many anticipate having their picture taken all day with a certain degree of trepidation. It’s my job to relax the atmosphere, ease the pain & coax the expressions that I want from you. And of course to get DYNAMITE shots! I like to think I do a good job of it :-)


The couples that I tend to book have seen my previous work & really trust that I can come up with the same imaginative and unique images for them, and trust that I know the best way to do that. The expectation is high pressure for me and forces me push myself to achieve very the best for every single client.

I consider myself to be the guy that you need; who will be in the right place at the right time, seamlessly integrating into your wedding, trigger finger pumping like lightning, seeing the moments, capturing them, and making them look as cool as humanly possible :-)

I'm based in the west end of Glasgow, but I'm available for commission throughout Scotland, the UK and the world.

See you soon! :-)