Dunnottar Castle Elopement | Wedding Film | Amber + Anthony

Here’s just a snippet from my blog post about Amber & Tony’s incredible Scottish wedding. Enjoy their short wedding film here, then head on over to the blog post for some awesome photos! :-)

…Located in Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen, Dunnottar Castle makes for a totally unique and rustic ceremony location, giving a sense of Scottish history and displaying breathtaking views all around. In a stroke of luck the rain clouds parted just in time for our ceremony and the beautiful (and somewhat emotional!) wedding passed with exceptionally fine weather!

The cliffs stand maybe 150ft above a lovely pebble beach with a whole heap of steps heading down to it, and then back up to the castle walls. Some couples might be slightly nervous about the walk down, adorned in their wedding finery. See when the bride’s wedding shoes are her former US army boots? Not only do you know that’s not going to be a problem; you know it’s going to be damn good fun! :-D …