The Cruin | Wedding photography | Sherrie + Alistair

Loch Lomond weddings. Beautiful in the sun. Beautiful in a howling, blustery, rain-soaked storm ;-D  

It has such a picturesque outlook at The Cruin that some typically dramatic Scottish weather fits right in with the aesthetic. Just as well really, as Sherrie and Alistair's wedding day was...somewhat windswept (see the video)! But when you have a bride with blue hair, a blue tinted, self-altered wedding dress, and a can-do attitude, then you know a bit of tumultuous weather isn't going to stop us making some awesome photographs! For the full impact of how cool this wedding really was you should watch the short video as well.

And let me tell you - nuzzling each other for the couple photographs is an art form ...and these guys were artists! :-D