Lake Garda | Destination Wedding Photography | Italian Lakes

So, my 2 year old and her two handlers went to see the glorious landscape and warm mediterranean light of the Italian Lakes ;-) 

Of course, being a wedding photographer, the lure of the camera is hard to resist! Aside from the romantic vibe and beautiful locations, there's just something special about the quality of the Mediterranean light; it just behaves differently to the Scottish variety. Although the two places both have equally beautiful sunsets, the evening light in Italy produces soft shadows and balanced contrast that is a dream to photograph. I'm sure there's a perfectly good scientific explanation involving equators and atmospheric refractions and conditions...but I'm no physicist ;-D

We took in mountains, windy roads, beautiful cities - even a couple of Lake Garda wedding venues. We even chanced across an local wedding in progress...the phrase "bus driver's holiday" springs to mind ;-) 

Suffice to say that the next time I visit this beautiful location, I do hope it's to photograph one of your weddings, so that I can bring my own brand of earthy, romantic, spectacular and fun photography and make some truly beautiful wedding photographs. 

*Side note - anyone who follows my work will know that any of these photographs that look like they are 'special effects'....are all done in-camera - no photoshop involved other than basic colour tweaks. Mainly double and triple exposures if you're interested in that kind of thing! ;-)