Boturich Castle wedding photographer, Loch Lomond

The beauty of a Loch Lomond wedding cannot be overstated. Scotland is famous for it's, well.... shall we say 'distinctive' weather ;-)  However, in terms of wedding photography at least, some of my favourite images of this beautiful landscape have a come in weather that is frankly pretty poor! It's a rugged landscape and the rugged weather brings all the drama to the table. Rainy, sunny, windy or snowy - a wedding or elopement in the Scottish countryside can have all the atmosphere and natural beauty of a Peter Jackson blockbuster! ;-) 

But let me tell you; if you want drama, and you want atmospheric photography - then you want MIST. My all time favourite weather condition.  And Shanna and Richard's wedding day at Boturich Castle had it in spades! :-)

The great thing though is that the weather is so continuously changeable that it's very rare to be wet all day, so for all you sun-lovers who want to marry somewhere like Boturich Castle, yet still want to be able to partake of the beautiful sunny Lochside have a very good chance :-)