The Vu | Edinburgh wedding photography | Jaclyn + Stuart

Weddings are funny things. You put so much effort into planning every little detail and eventuality. You long for the glorious, epic portraits that you see around the web yet you still want to enjoy yourself and party righteously. And then the reality of the situation creeps into your consciousness at some point after the ceremony and before the meal.  You barely feel like you've said your vows and in all the excitement and congratulations and high-fiving and tears and kisses - WHERE do you fit in these amazing photographs?!

Well, there are two parts to this answer:

One - choose the right photographer.

Two - go with your photographer's instincts.

They will know how to wring every last photographic opportunity out of a situation and they should have some good ideas on how to get you those WOW shots whilst still allowing you the freedom to enjoy the wedding day like you should! Oh, and it does help if you don't mind howling winds and wild bulls... ;-)

Venue - The Vu, Bathgate

Make up - Eye Candy

Dress - Hilary Morgan from Susan Gregory

Celebrant - Tim McGuire

Bands - Deville / Saltire Beat